Air Conditioner Joint Pain

Air Conditioner Joint Pain: How to eliminate joint pain caused by the air conditioner’s cold? (2022)

An air conditioner helps maintain a set humidity level in the house by limiting the entry of hot, humid air through its vents. In addition, it also keeps the moisture content of the indoor air at bay by evacuating hot vapors through its exhaust system. While these are all benefits of using an air conditioner during summer, there are some side effects that you must be aware of. One such side effect is ‘joint pain’ caused by an air conditioner. or what is called Air Conditioner Joint Pain

AC Joint Pain

Here is what you should know about AC joint pain and how to get rid of it

What is Air Conditioner Joint Pain?

What is Air Conditioner Joint Pain?

People of all ages suffer from joint pain caused by air conditioning. The symptoms of air conditioning joint pain include painful joints, stiffness, and swelling in the affected areas. Air conditioning joint pain can affect any body part, including the legs, hips, shoulders, and neck. The pain typically worsens when someone lies down or gets up from a seated position.

In addition to being uncomfortable, air conditioning joint pain can make it difficult for a person to perform daily activities such as walking or getting dressed. Some of the most common causes include swollen joints due to arthritis or other conditions such as gout or rheumatoid arthritis, heavy workloads, and improper seating position.

Other possible causes include injuries to ligaments and tendons in the knees and hips, overuse injuries in the muscles and joints, and inflammation due to bacteria entering the joint while lying on an infected surface. While there is no known cure for air conditioning joint pain, managing it can help relieve some of its symptoms and prevent long-term damage to your joints.

If you notice any signs of air conditioning joint pain, take it easy until you can see your doctor for treatment. You can also take measures such as sitting correctly at work and taking breaks during long periods at a desk.

Why does AC reasons pain in joints?

Air conditioning is essential to keep your indoor environment comfortable and relaxed during summer. As you know, it also helps maintain a set humidity level in the house by limiting the entry of hot, humid air through its vents.

However, when it comes in direct contact with your skin, it creates a sudden drop in temperature. When your skin is connected to the air conditioning, the blood flow to that area gets reduced, and the joints start aching.

the joints start aching

If you have just come inside from being out in the sun, your skin will be warm, and you will try to stay warm. However, when you turn the AC on, your skin will cool down quickly, and you experience cold AC joint pain.

Why does the cold cause joint pain?

Why does the cold cause joint pain?

Cold causes a contraction of the blood vessels and a subsequent reduction in blood flow to your joints. This can lead to AC joint pain and may cause you to experience other effects, like swelling and numbness. 

Cold weather especially can cause these joints to be more sensitive to pain, increasing the likelihood of experiencing pain in your joints. 

But, cold temperatures don’t only cause joint pain. They can also cause other health issues, including respiratory problems, heart disease, and even death.

How to avoid AC joint pain?


AC joint pain is quite a common phenomenon, and there are specific ways to avoid it. But, first, you must ensure that your body parts are protected in contact with the air conditioner. 

Wear a cap, long sleeves, and gloves if the details of your body in connection with the AC are not covered up. Of course, if you have a baby at home, you can always dress them in a warm and comfortable swaddle or blanket.

Keep your body parts away from the vents of the AC. Keep legs and arms away from the AC vents if you have to sit near the AC. Keeping warm water bottles at places near the AC can also help. You can also keep a blanket nearby to wrap around yourself when you feel cold.

ways to relieve the discomfort of AC joint pain

1. Stay warm

Stay warm

Wear loose and warm clothes in the house during the winter. Make sure you are dressed appropriately even if you are inside your home. This can protect you from sudden temperature drops and changes in weather conditions.

2. Don’t sit near the AC vents

Don’t Sit Near The AC Vents

If you want to sit near them, ensure that your legs and arms are not coming in contact with them. 

3. Stay hydrated

Stay Hydrated

It is essential to stay hydrated when experiencing joint pain. Water is the best beverage during summer. This can help you flush out toxins from your body, stay hydrated, and prevent joint pain. 

4. See a doctor

You should see a doctor if the tips mentioned above do not work. You can also take medicines to get relief from joint pain.

AC joints are among the most commonly affected joints in the body, and the most common age group affected by it is adults aged 45 and older. Air conditioning joints are susceptible to injury and can develop arthritis or other complications if they are not monitored properly.

AC joints should be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt and mold buildup. They can also be protected by wearing a cap or wristband when the air is circulating. People who are susceptible to joint problems should avoid sitting near the air conditioner vents as much as possible.

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